Кейт Миддлтон отправилась на день рождения мамы в красном платье

Чтобы понять, что до весны осталось совсем немного, достаточно взглянуть на наряд Кейт Миддлтон. Она отправилась на день рождения своей мамы Кэрол в длинном шифоновом платье Alexander McQueen яркого кораллового оттенка, который признан цветом года. Герцогиня дополнила образ замшевыми туфлями-лодочками, а на плечи накинула пальто.

Поклонники отметили, что Миддлтон, которая часто надевает один и тот же наряд несколько раз, уже была в этом платье в 2017-м году: во время королевского тура по Германии.

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As mentioned in a post earlier this week, the Middletons used to celebrate Carole’s birthday in the privacy of Mustique, but as time has gone by, and lifestyles have shifted, they haven’t been making it to their little paradise. This year, Pippa Middleton Matthews hosted a birthday party for Carole at her London home. Kate was pictured wearing the red McQueen she wore in Berlin in 2017 (second slide), and it looks like she is wearing her red Pinpoint Courts, and certainly those are her @katespadeny Pretty Pom Tassels.  Carole gots loads of gifts and there were several shots of Michael Middleton carrying the booty out the next morning, including lots of stunning floral arrangements (last slide). Kate is usually pretty relaxed about paparazzi shots, but she is a little more defensive when she is heading to a personal event (like an event at Pippa’s as opposed to a hair appointment or shopping on King’s Road). Because most of our exposure to Kate these days is during public engagements, it has been a while since we’ve seen her shy away from the camera, but this hair move was one she used a lot when single to hide from the camera without explicitly putting her hand up to block a shot. When dating William, Kate was pretty friendly with the cameras, too, but she did use this move sometimes (sometimes it helps to see past the flashes), and only on rare occasions did she straight up block a shot. I don’t think Kate is super upset to have the paps here, but I do think it underscores her reticence when it comes to flashy publicity. She has a line between public and private, and I love that she has those healthy boundaries. . . . . #katemiddleton #duchesskate #princesskate #duchessofcambridge #duchesscatherine #carolemiddleton #britishroyals #royalfamily #katemiddletonstyle

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