Ёволюци€ стил€ ћеган ћаркл: от актрисы до герцогини

Ёволюци€ стил€ ћеган ћаркл: от актрисы до герцогини

ћеган ћаркл – пример современной «олушки, когда девушка не с самым идеальным дл€ королевской семьи прошлым вдруг становитс€ невестой внука королевы и выходит за него замуж. Ќо ведь это так!

ј еще британские и многие мировые —ћ» называют девушку иконой стил€. »злюбленные бренды герцогини —ассекской наслаждаютс€ взлетом продаж. ¬едь стоит ћеган ћаркл надеть ту или иную вещь, модницы тут атакуют интернет-магазины в поиске понравившейс€ рубашки, плать€ или шл€пы.

ћы задались вопросом – а каким был стиль супруги принца √арри до того момента, когда она сказала заветное «да»?  ѕредлагаем проследить стил€ ћеган ћаркл: от актрисы до герцогини.

“ак одевалась актриса ћеган ћаркл:


Enjoy your Friday ❤️❤️❤️

ѕубликаци€ от HRH Meghan Markle (@meghan_duchess)

ј так одеваетс€ герцогин€ —ассекска€:


Some followers are asking me if I truly like every Meghan’s outfits. No! Course not! I don’t like “ every outfits” from no one . Not from Meghan, Kate, Diana or someone else. Who never wore clothes and you didn’t like them? It happens to regular people, and with celebrities. The difference is the number of people who see it! And make critics . For good and bad, this is the price to be famous. I’m not talking about haters, they are sick, lonely persons, who hide themselves behind their fakes profiles. I’m talking about like or dislike something. So, these looks I don’t like, and not because they are not nice, but they don’t fit well. She looks older, not elegant, like if these dresses don’t belongs to her. Too long, too loose. But it’s just my opinion. Meghan has a very beautiful style and I think when she choose things very near to who she really is, she is just perfect. #meghanmarklestyle #meghanstyle #meghanmarkle #meghanmania #dukeofsussex

ѕубликаци€ от Meghanmania (@meghanharrymania)


Now for Meghan’s second look of the day, Givenchy separates. The trousers are a basic black style, with front slant pockets, in a cropped length with a wide leg. The double-breasted jacket is cropped, with front flap pockets, chest welt pocket, a deep center back vent, lightly padded shoulders, and bracelet-length sleeves. Beneath her jacket the Duchess wore a white t-shirt. Lavender Hill Clothing reached out to us today and said Meghan wore their Boat t-shirt, £34.00 ($37.59 USD). The company offers shipping to the US. The shirt is a knit blend of 50% cotton, 50% modal and we were told that the white version is made slightly thicker making it a non-see-through t-shirt. Described on the site as a classic take on the brand’s scoop-neck shirt, it is also reversible, switching to black. Meghan carried a new Givenchy bag today. It is their GV3 frame bag, $2,250 USD. And wore her Givenchy Double-G logo belt, ($450), previously worn on her visit to Cheshire with The Queen. The Duchess also wore the shoes seen in Cheshire, the Sarah Flint ‘Perfect Pump 100’ ($355). #MeghanMarkle #MeghMarkle #DuchessOfSussex #RoyalFamily #PrinceHarry #DukeOfSussex #RF #engangement #RoyalBride #meghanmarklestyle

ѕубликаци€ от HRH The Duchess Of Sussex (@meghmarkle_)


 акие образы ћеган ћаркл вам понравились?



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